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Our Commitment

Sustainable development

The Company’s activity impacts the natural landscapes and habitats of animals. Acknowledging our responsibility to the environment and to the conservation of life, health and welfare of people, we made environmental commitments, managing them at all levels: corporate and project levels, as well as at the productive facilities of the Company. They serve as the basis for strategic planning and management of the Company’s current activity.

Our approach

High standards

419 M RUB

environmental costs of all GV Gold enterprises

60 M RUB

health and safety costs of all GV Gold enterprises

By 59%

the average monthly salary of the Taryn Mine is higher than the industry-average

Corporate governance

Maintaining high corporate governance standards is one of the key objectives of the GV Gold Group. In its activity, the Company strives to follow the principles established within the Corporate Governance Code published in 2014 and recommended for introduction by the Bank of Russia.